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Battery Replacement Service


Recommended Every 2 - 4 Years

Includes a genuine Volkswagen battery with 3-year unlimited range warranty & 2-year prorate thereafter.

What Does a Volkswagen Car Battery Replacement Entail?

Your car has so many components that depend on your car's battery for them to function. Therefore, your car battery should be able to produce enough power so that all these components can function as expected. When everything is fine with your car, you may forget that you need to ensure that your car battery is in good condition too.

If you do not inspect your car battery, it may be hard for you to know when it has some issues. This allows your car battery to fail or die unexpectedly. Therefore, you should contact a Volkswagen service center that can bring you another car battery and help you replace it so that you can continue traveling.

Volkswagen battery replacement involves removing the existing battery and replacing it with a new one.

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How Often Should Car Batteries be Replaced?

The rule of thumb for replacing the car battery in your Volkswagen is every two to four years. Your car battery requires replacement just like any other battery you use to power electronics. Over time, it gradually loses its ability to hold enough charge to power the starter motor in your Volkswagen, which starts the engine. After two years, ensure you have routine battery checks performed at each oil change interval, and after four years, we strongly recommend replacing the battery with a new OEM VW car battery.

Following this routine will help prevent being stranded in a shopping mall parking lot with a dead battery, waiting for someone to help you with a jump-start.

Warning Signs of a Failing Car Battery near Woodside, NY

If you're worried about your Volkswagen's car battery condition, there are some important signals to watch for on a daily basis. If you experience any of the following during your daily commute, schedule a battery inspection service with our Woodside Volkswagen service center:

  • The battery warning light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • The engine is slow to turn over when cranking
  • Exterior and interior lighting is dimmer than usual
  • A foul odor is coming from beneath the hood
  • A disfigured or bloated battery case
Battery Replacement Service

Why Choose Queensboro Volkswagen for Your VW's Battery Service?

When you're searching for "battery service near me" near Astoria or Queens, NY, trust the Volkswagen-certified experts at Queensboro Volkswagen. Our technicians specialize in Volkswagen models, and we know which car battery works best for your specific vehicle. Schedule an appointment with us today using our online service scheduler, and we can quickly provide you the peace of mind you deserve with a reliable car battery replacement.


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